Trigon Brand Guard Artwork & Print Fulfillment

Bridging the gap between creative design and print technicalities

Often times, what one sees and visualises at the artwork and design stage is not what one gets when it is finally printed. Various reasons contribute to this mismatch.

Making print ready artworks is just the first and easy challenge. Calibrating your inputs to different printing machine profiles is a far more complex and greater challenge. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that take off when your design is ready and end when you get the expected quality of print from your printer.

It Includes:

Compliant to Brand Specifications

Benefits of Trigon BrandGuard Artwork and Print Fulfillment

  • Shorter timelines from drawing board to market because of our clearly laid out process that ensures error free efficiency.
  • Eliminates loss of time caused by re-working of Design/Artwork.
  • Perfect audit trail with our recorded formal sign off at the end of each process.
  • Maintains consistency of brand packaging and communication across all customer touch points.
  • Closed print ready artwork eliminates chances of any tampering at the printer end.
  • Easy to access depository of artworks for reprinting.
  • Formalised record of knowledge captured in the print fulfillment process.
  • Structured and validated process to judge individual print vendor capability before signing them on as a business partner.

Core Services of Trigon BrandGuard Artwork & Print Fulfillment Services

  • Input Standardisation
  • Pre-Media Services
  • Onsite approval

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