For Brand Managers

Trigon Brand Guard – enabling brand managers to focus on value addition while outsourcing Brand Compliance

When you have a brand launch/expansion in the process, the last thing you want to do is to spend time on brand print compliance. Having set the parameters, developed the design with the help of your agency, you would rather focus on the more vital tasks of the launch and extension of the brand franchise.

We understand:

Trigon BrandGuard is a suite of services designed precisely to eliminate surprise from the printing process while ensuring compliance to each and every brand print guideline.

Our services ensure that you get the expected results, even though your printing is undertaken at several different press shops.
We offer you an end to end solution that takes on the process from the design stage and standardises inputs so as to get uniform results from all your nominated printers.

Our services include:

  • Input Standardisation
    • Finger printing individual printing machines at nominated printers to modulate artworks and assure uniformity of results across print shops.
    • Ink and Substrate standardisation
  • Premedia Services
    • Creating production artwork
    • Online approval
    • Creating mock up to set target
    • Creating the print ready closed file
  • Onsite approval

Benefits of Artwork and Print Fulfillment

  • Shorter timelines from drawing board to market because of our clearly laid out process that ensures error free efficiency.
  • Eliminates loss of time caused by re-working of Design/Artwork.
  • Perfect audit trail with our recorded formal sign off at the end of each process.
  • Maintains consistency of brand packaging and communication across all customer touch points.
  • Closed print ready artwork eliminates chances of any tampering at the printer end.
  • Easy to access depository of artworks for reprinting.
  • Formalised record of knowledge captured in the Print Fulfillment process.
  • Structured and validated process to judge individual print vendor capability before signing them on as a business partner.

Trigon Brand Press – Enabling marketing and merchandising departments superior ROI on their communication

Benefits of Brand Press Printing services

  • High quality, zero error printing
  • Compliance to brand guidelines on colour and tint
  • Vibrant colours that communicate your message
  • Use of quality inks to ensure longevity of your print collateral
  • Quick turnaround to ensure minimum time to market
  • Distributed infrastructure to manage multi location printing
  • Pre – Press expertise to ensure quality through output

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