Overview - Trigon Brand Guard

A Brand manager engaged in ensuring compliance is like a consulting engineer undertaking routine maintenance tasks Billions of dollars are spent on developing a brand. Yet, compliance to brand colours, form, and representation are often left to vigilant brand managers and packaging development managers. Business sense dictates that brand managers are better engaged in creating, extending and protecting the brand franchise; while issues of compliance and assurance are best left to experts who specialize in these practices.

Presenting Trigon BrandGuard and Mock Up Services

Trigon Digital Print & Artwork Management & Mock up services allows brand managers to focus on creating value for your brand without having to spend precious time in brand print compliance issues.
We also offer you sophisticated mock up development services in Mumbai and Bangalore that deliver proof of quality and compliance before you commission a large print run.
Our sophisticated infrastructure includes the latest Kodak Approval NX - the world's most advanced digital proofing machine that can generate printing proofs on the actual printing substrate with metallic , white or any pantone colours.

Adding value to your brand

Trigon BrandGuard services ensure your print communication; packaging and brand representation remains a well recognized asset of the company. It maintains the consumer belief in the quality, reliability and value of the brand by ensuring consistency in the brand communication no matter where the actual material is printed.

We eliminate:

  • Differences in the inks used at different printers
  • Differences in the profile and calibration of the printing machines
  • Difference in the substrates used
  • Difference in the post production processes etc.

Trigon Brand Guard speeds up your time to market, speeds up your cash to cash cycle and eliminates expensive lost sales due to stock outs.

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